New Paper Published in Nature Reviews Genetics

This review paper summarizes the state of the art for DNA methylation mapping, data analysis and biological interpretation of the results.

Abstract: DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that has suspected regulatory roles in a broad range of biological processes and diseases. The technology is now available for studying DNA methylation genome-wide, at a high resolution and in a large number of samples. This Review discusses relevant concepts, computational methods and software tools for analysing and interpreting DNA methylation data. It focuses not only on the bioinformatic challenges of large epigenome-mapping projects and epigenome-wide association studies but also highlights software tools that make genome-wide DNA methylation mapping more accessible for laboratories with limited bioinformatics experience.

Bock C (2012). Analysing and interpreting DNA methylation data. Nature Reviews Genetics 13, 705-719. (no digital access? A reprint is available on request)

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